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Information about a bear named "Pudsey"
from a town called Pudsey

First of all a little background to the story

Who is Pudsey?..

Pudsey Bear

Pudsey Bear is the mascot of the BBC Children in Need Appeal.
Each year this appeal raises large amounts of money for this well known charity.

The copyright for "Pudsey Bear" is the property of the BBC and the reproduction of the symbol / logo is strictly controlled.
Permission to use the logo has to be gained from the BBC through the Children in Need Appeal.

What is Pudsey?..

Pudsey Town

Pudsey is a historic town between the cities of Leeds and Bradford.
It is in West Yorkshire, or the "West Riding" of Yorkshire as many call it.

What has Pudsey to do with Pudsey?..

The Connection

Most people in the United Kingdom are only aware of Pudsey Bear once a year, around the time of the television appeal in late November. Yet the people of Pudsey are aware of this famous little bear most of the year round....

Is there is some unique connection between the town and the bear?