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  • If you are wanting to sell something, why not try the Internet as well as the local paper or the newsagent's window. What have you got to loose apart from a few minutes entering your "advert".

  • If you are buying why not check out these pages every now and then, you could end up with a bargain.
So where is the catch?

Well first the adverts only have a limited life (see terms) but they can be put up over and over again until you make the sale. Second, this service is only or local folk to buy and sell in the general area of Pudsey.

Finally if you are considering using the site for "illegal or immoral" purposes... this is not a good idea as the local police are well aware of this list.
  Please read the terms and conditions if you do not agree with them....
it is simple do not use these "Free Classifieds".
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