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Heritage is an often misused word, a quick look at a dictionary gives some idea of the simple meaning. This section helps the visitor explore aspects of Pudsey's "Heritage".... enjoy!

1 That which is or may be inherited; fig. the portion allotted to a specified person, group, etc. ME. b Sc. Law (now Hist.). Property consisting of land etc. that devolved on the heir at law as opp. to an executor. E16.
2 The fact of inheriting; hereditary succession. ME-M16.
3 A gift which constitutes a proper possession; spec. God's chosen people; the ancient Israelites; the Church. ME. 4 Inherited circumstances or benefits. E17.Attrib. & comb
Find out the heraldic meaning of Pudsey's Coat of Arms
  Pudsey has an active Civic Society, a visit to their website gives an insight into some of Pudsey's more recent history The Civic Society for Pudsey, Farsley, and Calverley
There is a great competition for youngsters starting in
May 2003 organised by the Civic Society.... find out more
  Young Family
  Historian of 2003
  If it is old photos of Pudsey you like, the Civic Society have made some of the collection available over the web Old photos of Pudsey, Farsley, and Calverley
  This site is dedicated to the collection and publication of all historical and genealogical information appertaining to Calverley Parish and the surrounding district and villages.
  Dialect varies a great deal in this part of the world. It is still possible to detect which area of Pudsey a person was brought up in. Yorkshire is rich in it's aural heritage and the Yorkshire Dialect Society stands to the fore in protecting this wealth.

Researching your Ancestors in the Pudsey area?
 Well... you may find help on the websites of
Local Family History  Societies

1. Bradford Family History Society

  Free online access to historical maps of Pudsey. View the 1852 (First Edition) Ordnance Survey map of the area. You can also buy more detailed decorative maps from the online store. Click on the logo to the left to go direct to the searchable database of free historic maps online.