ASDA Pudsey..."signs in"

Help for the deaf and hard of hearing in the Pudsey store



Colleagues at Asda Pudsey are learning the basics of sign language to help the deaf and  hard of hearing customers with everyday issues around the store.

The 15 colleagues involved have started the course which will run for 10 weeks. They will learn, greetings how to answer customers questions relating to products and services available, where products are located and much more. A qualified BSL tutor runs the course on two-hour sessions per week. Colleagues will also have the opportunity in visiting their local deaf centre to practice their new skill.

Emma Deakins a colleague on the scheme said

"I think its fantastic that we are now being taught how to help our deaf and hard of hearing customers, I am really enjoying learning this new skill and think that the benefits we can give the customer is outstanding, it must be frustrating not being able to ask for help in fear of not being understood, where as now they can ask for a signing colleague must make a big difference in their shopping experience."