The Pudsey Calendar
This community calendar is intended to provide information on public events in Pudsey and it's immediate locality.

The calendar is as good as you make it...
If you are involved in a public event in Pudsey
(or around) make sure it goes on the
calendar... submit the event now!

it's easy and free.
Check what's happening in Pudsey
  View The Pudsey Calendar...or use the buttons at the top to open the calendar, if there is a slow connection... click "turbo1" or "turbo2"... if there is still a problem try again later (explanation below)

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  Why do I have problems seeing the Pudsey Calendar?

The service that use to support the calendar is located in Portland in the United States. During USA business hours on weekdays, the server sometimes gets very busy. This can cause delays or even timeouts. Often, hitting Refresh or Reload on your browser will produce the page you want. A more effective method is actually to click on some other web site, then return to your calendar. This tends to flush out caching that may be showing you an error page . . . in error. The best solution is to help us spread the load by using our other servers (turbo1 and 2). All of the servers for the calendars use the same data files, so it does not matter which server you use.